Telehealth video appointments are available and provide convenient access to Innovative Hand Therapy & Scar Management services.

Is my condition suitable for a Telehealth Hand Therapy video appointment?

Telehealth video appointments are another way to deliver Hand Therapy care. There may be some instances where a face to face appointment is required, for example to make a custom made splint. We can advise if a video appointment is appropriate versus a face to face appointment based on your condition and situation.

Please call 0405 649 611 or Contact Us regarding your suitability for an online video appointment.

How is the Telehealth video appointment done?

  1. Innovative Hand Therapy & Scar Management uses a healthcare online platform.
  2. It is user friendly and there is no need to download anything to use it.
  3. You will receive your online appointment link via an email and SMS reminder the day before your scheduled video appointment.
  4. Please ensure you have a good internet connection, a quiet, light room and check that your audio and camera on your chosen device is working.
  5. The video appointment enables your therapist to assess your hand condition, provide education, advice and establish or review your hand therapy treatment program. Online education handouts and exercises to enhance your treatment program can be accessed.

To make your Telehealth video appointment Call 0405 649 611 or

Innovative Hand Therapy & Scar Management are providing services in line with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) guidelines for management of COVID-19. For further information on Coronavirus please visit the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria.Visit DHHS Website