A thorough assessment of your upper limb condition or scar is undertaken to determine the best course of treatment. Treatment goals are then established together, aiming to return to everyday activities, sports, hobbies and work. Specific hand and arm treatment is recommended, tailored to your situation, to provide the best possible outcome.

Hand Therapy

  • Education on your condition
  • Custom made hand thermoplastic splinting (orthosis) or taping
  • Swelling control and wound care
  • Scar management
  • Desensitisation and sensory re-education
  • Range of joint motion exercise programs
  • Strengthening programs
  • Advice on hand function, sports and return to work

Scar Management

Specific scar treatment may be required for scars that can become hard, tight, red and raised in appearance.

  • Education on scars
  • Recommendation of silicone products and taping
  • Scar Massage techniques
  • Compression garments

A wide range of upper limb conditions are treated

  • Hand and wrist fractures
  • Dislocation, Ligament injuries of the fingers, thumb or wrist
  • Tendon injuries
  • Tendon conditions such as De Quervains tenosynovitis, Trigger finger and ‘Tennis elbow’
  • Nerve injuries or compression such as Carpal tunnel syndrome or Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Hand trauma crush injuries or amputations
  • Upper limb burns and scars
  • Following any hand and arm surgery such as Dupuytren’s contracture release
Innovative Hand Therapy & Scar Management are providing services in line with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) guidelines for management of COVID-19. For further information on Coronavirus please visit the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria.Visit DHHS Website